“New York-based artist Lynn Bianchi‘s “Spaghetti Eaters” is a wonderfully body-positive photography series that proves the only way to enjoy carbs is sans clothing.”



“Photographs of Lynn Bianchi are placed in a neoclassic setting, thus evocating the charcoal sketches of antique ruins. They portray candid female nudes, often in non-canonical proportions, on white backgrounds, questioning our perception of the body and the usual conception of beauty.”

Roberta Franceschetti, Italian Vogue


“There are photographs that can be experienced physically. You might not quite understand them but you’d still feel a kind of magnetism – created precisely by the lack of understanding, by some mystery.” […] Lynn Bianchi’s images are filled with subtle eroticism. But desire itself is not directed to the body but somehow outside of it. […]  Lynn Bianchi hasn’t invented anything new, but she opened our eyes to a simple truth: be who you want to be. […] Layers of emotions reflected in her photographs are difficult to grasp or express in words. Lynn doesn’t follow any rules, she just shows us what she feels-she reveals her inner world. Each photograph is a part of that world that Lynn conveys to us with such dedication.”

Vladimir Neskoromny, Foto & Video magazine, Moscow


“Lynn Bianchi’s images are a reminder that the nude expresses not only the range of human beauty, but also the question of what constitutes perfection. These photographs offer all of us a confirmation of our ability to triumph over the inevitability of nature.”

Barbara Head Millstein, Curator of Photography, Brooklyn Museum of Art, New York


“Lynn Bianchi continues to maintain the purity of her approach: her exaltation of form and expression is passionate.”

Enrica Vigano, Zoom Magazine


“In her photographs, female nudes change form, overflow, and multiply. While deconstructing, as classic text, the voluptuous female nudes of ancient Greek sculpture or Renoir.”

Ueno Chizuko, “Loves Body,” The Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography


“Lynn Bianchi’s delicate photographs, “Heavy In White,” suptiously define the characteristics of Femininity: her physical body, love for the excess, her need for others, her joys, her pain, her fears, her desires, her intimacy, her jealousies, her playfulness. The beautiful printed images render the atmosphere of a steam bath which when viewed at a distance seem more like a drawing than a photograph.

Celina Lunsford, Director, Fotografie Forum International, Frankfurt, Germany


“Bianchi’s images combine a cool radiant classicism with a touch of humor to create a timeless vision of woman.”

John Bennette, Critic/Curator of Photography


“[Lynn Bianchi’s] humorous chocolate box [enables] participants to “cash in” on their appetites for chocolates. […] When depressed, the lever at right rings, and the bottom drawer opens to reveal an assortment of artfully arranged chocolates, each wrapped in gold foil, overlaying a photograph of frolicking femmes enjoying their own sweets.”

Daile Kaplan, Curator of Photography


“Bianchi’s stunning photographic tableaux present powerful, mythological female figures interacting in scenarios ranging from the earthly to the ethereal. Each exquisite image from this wiser world features an illuminated globe, reminding viewers of the constant and universal life force at the center of existence.

“Bianchi’s The Dinner Conversation portrays pure joy. Her subjects burst through in full color reveling in what it ifs to be alive and surrounded by friends. In this work, Bianchi digs deeper into what it means to let go of rules and break the constraints of convention.”

 Samantha Harvey, Biographer