Lynn Bianchi, CONEY ISLAND ALLISON, 2013-2015, rendering of the multimedia work, w:40’’ h:60’’ d:5’’, 5:00 minutes, loop, color, sound.

This multimedia installation is composed of a photograph under layered plexiglass super imposed onto a HD screen, displaying video with sound.

“In Coney Island Allison I play with the concepts of reality and non reality, questioning the elusive nature of images as documentation of both facts and ideas. At the same time I highlight our connection with the environment, referring to some of my recurrent underlying topics, such as the relationship between the eternal and the everyday and the tension between chance and the deliberate.”


direction & cinematography – Lynn Bianchi
post-production – Irina Abraham, Allison Walters, Frances Yuan Wang, Daniel Belquer
model – Allison Walters 

Edition of 3

  • Coney Island Allison