Lynn Bianchi, NEW YORK, NEW YORK, 2013-2015, rendering of the multimedia installation / video projection, w:60’’ h:34’’ d:5’’. 7min 49sec, loop, color, sound.

New York, New York focuses on the magic feelings and alchemic effects that transform a daily view of the Hudson river into a layered and complex video composition. As in a well-organized spectacle numerous little epiphanies slowly become part of a balanced composition.

“The soundtrack is composed of two main audio tracks. I recorded the first one while contemplating the view, fascinated by a jazz musician practicing with his saxophone. The second one is composed by the voices of three friends of mine. I invited them to hum a few famous American melodies like “New York New York” and a few others. They recorded them in their apartments in NYC, and then sent them to me, to become part of a larger portrait of my city.”


direction & cinematography – Lynn Bianchi
post-production – Irina Abraham, Olga Rogova, Nikolay Sviridchik, Brais Revaldería Prieto
Voices by: Irina Abraham Chigiryov, Isabel Hagen, Shay Blufarb
Model: Samantha Harvey

Edition of 3

  • New York, New York