Lynn Bianchi, Sonata for Seagulls, 2016, VR headset, immersive environment | HD Looped Video.

Sonata for Seagulls is an Oculus Rift-powered virtual reality that pushes the visitors beyond the walls of the gallery and immerses them into an unexpected dreamscape. Through a headset the visitors will be teleported at the center of a cube-shaped digital environment. Every side of this cubic space shows the fragment of a video composition: a tridimensional intersection of moving images and physical spaces. My intention is to offer an intense physical experience that is poetically evocative and deeply sensorial at the same time. The work questions both the actions and the perception of the viewers, and it is based on archetypical and philosophical themes of life cycles, presence, and physical awareness. Despite any effort to categorize and describe it, Sonata for Seagulls stays suspended between an effort to capture fleeting reality and the belief that flowing processes that transcend reality can never be entirely captured.


direction & cinematography – Lynn Bianchi
post-production – Yana Bir├┐kova
sound design – Frances Yuan Wang
original violin composition – Funda Cizmecioglu
model – Dani K.
special thanks – Olia Rogova, Emilio Vavarella

  • Sonata for Seagulls