Lynn Bianchi, The Observer, 2015, rendering of the multimedia installation, w:48.5’’ h:17’’ d:5’’, 1 min, loop, color, sound.

This multimedia installation is composed of a layered image super imposed on a lightbox and two HD monitors displaying videos, combined in an asymmetrical triptych.

“This artwork includes photo and videos that fragment anachronistically a particular moment in time. This moment shows, in a post-anthropocentric perspective, the beauty and surprise that originated from the spontaneous interaction of humans and birds in a natural environment. With The Observer I also attempt to make people feel and see more clearly the greatness in the subtlety of such a magic moment.”


Credits: Lynn Bianchi, Irina Abraham, Brais Revaldería Prieto, Olia Rogova, Frances Yuan Wang, Aria Wetzler and Emilio Vavarella.

Edition of 3

  • The Observer