Lynn Bianchi, THE POOL, 2015, rendering of the multimedia triptych, w:162’’ h:60’’ d:5’’ overall, 11min, loop, color, sound.

Video excerpt: 3min.

This triptych is composed of layered photographs on a plexiglass superimposed onto three digital monitors displaying video with sound. The work incorporates unusual depth and monumental dimensions in order to achieve a particularly emotional effect.

“This work came from my fascination watching people exercise at a Senior complex pool. Uninhibited, they graciously gave each other space and allowed themselves freedom to move unselfconsciously, exercising for hours on end, performing something that to my eye looked like a beautiful dance. I was the anonymous onlooker.”

Special thanks: Allison Walters, Irina Abraham Chigiryov, Olia Rogova, Emilio Vavarella, Stedroy Cleghorne, Nikolay Sviridchik and Carlos Amaral Baptista.

Edition of 3

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