Lynn Bianchi, Undivine Comedy, 2018, video on HD screen / HD video projection, variable dimensions. 1:46 minutes, color, sound.

Today’s world feels angrier and harder than ever before; an addiction to “plugging in” adds to a sense of acceleration, a hamster wheel of crisis and panic. Wouldn’t we all like to unplug? Wouldn’t we all like to take a deep breath? Wouldn’t we all like to fly to the moon?

When I originally made this video, the idea was pure escape – better than a bathtub, better than a feather bed, better than any massage or fluffy set of slippers. I wanted to watch the woman in the cloud and really feel for a minute or two what it would be like to rise above the corporeal problems on the ground, stretch my body, close my eyes, and drift away.

And for a while, that was enough. But soon I realized the woman separate from the world wasn’t sufficient for what we’re experiencing today. I started searching news sites and YouTube for clips of politicians duking it out on solid ground, so wedded to their egos and positions they’ve lost sight of the bigger picture. It didn’t take long to find many examples – more than I could use – from all over the world.

We humans seem to have lost sight of the fact that we have a choice – life can be sweet, we can fly to the moon, we can close our mouths and eyes and just feel what it is to be alive. If only the politicians, the pundits, the money makers, the social climbers could take a breath and remember how the warm wind feels against the skin.

direction + cinematography – Lynn Bianchi
starring – Olia Rogova
editing – Irina Abraham
editing – Emilio Vavarella
original soundtrack – “Fly Me to the Moon” by Lisa Ono

  • Undivine Comedy